Lexus Hosts Kuwaiti Artist Reem Al-Bader

26 Jan 2023

Reinforcing Brave Designs as one of the pillars of Lexus Brand

With a long-term objective of supporting Kuwaiti talents and empowering the youth for the future, Mohamed Naser Al Sayer & Sons EST Co. and Lexus has hosted popular Kuwaiti artist Reem Al-Bader for L-Finesse Art Gallery to feature her most exquisite painting collection.

The opening ceremony of the event was attended by Chief Guest His Excellency Ambassador of Japan to the State of Kuwait Mr. Morino Yasunari, along with Mr. Mubarak Naser Al Sayer Board of Director at ALSAYER Holding, Bengt Shultz Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Mahmoud Abou-Zahr Senior Business Director Lexus Division, Mrs. Bedour Al Sayer, Marketing Manager - Lexus Kuwait, senior Management members, valued Lexus customers, representatives from the press and media.

About Reem Al-Bader

Reem Al-Bader is a Kuwaiti artist and creator raised in an environment that truly cherishes art, which is clearly reflected in her work. Her brush portrays the beauty of cultures in a way that transcends reality. Reem also uses drawing to therapize and teach through connecting feelings with colors.

She started her artistic journey at the Formative Arts Institute in Kuwait and participated in numerous exhibitions with the National Council for Culture, Arts and letters, and was one of the founders of the local brand “Fann”.

Mubarak Naser Al Sayer commented that “At Lexus we are delighted to break new grounds to empower extraordinary talents from Kuwait and benefit them to elevate their potential to new heights. We will continue our endeavors associating with the aspiring youth and individual with distinct skills for Lexus brand as it aims to be more than the leading luxury car brand, and to inspire innovative lifestyle.”

According to Mahmoud Abou-Zahr “We welcome Reem Al-Bader to our L-Finesse Lexus boutique to display her exceptional work in the field of arts. Lexus being the leading luxury brand in the region has a no compromise philosophy when it comes to design, look and feel, hospitality etc. Lexus has taken bold steps during the past decade to transform the designs of cars to a whole new level to be captivating from all angles, for example LS 500 is a great piece of art.”.  

Globally Lexus International partners with top-of-the-line judges and mentors to nurture creators from around the World for Lexus Design Award. Launched in 2013, the LEXUS DESIGN AWARD is an international competition for up-and-coming creators from around the world. The Award seeks to contribute to society by supporting designers and creators whose work shows potential to shape a better future.

Artist Reem expressed her sincere appreciation towards Lexus brand for the inspirational efforts in the field of design and arts acknowledging the true spirit of attention to detailing in addition to ‘Omotenashi’ way of Japanese hospitality.

“I personally believe that art & Lexus have more opportunities together.  I am excited to see the reaction of customers in this unique event viewing my art collection surrounded in L-finesse.  I believe L-finesse is a great choice to connect with an audience passionate about arts and lifestyle, located in one of the most modern shopping destinations Assima Mall” said Reem Al-Bader.

L-Finesse Art Gallery

Bedour Al Sayer, Marketing Manager - Lexus Kuwait said “The most distinguished paintings will be displayed at L-finesse and available to be viewed by guests online.  The event will last for 1 week from 24-31 January 2023 and customers while visiting L-finesse will have the opportunity to view the beauty of the paintings up close as well as explore the world of Lexus, Japanese craftsmanship, all to offer guests Lexus brand promise of ‘experience amazing’.”

About L-Finesse, Lexus Boutique

Lexus L-finesse design seeks to give physical form to the Lexus experience. It dynamically unites the seemingly contradictory elements of “leading-edge” and “finesse” through the seamless anticipation of customer needs and desires that is central to Lexus’s design philosophy.

Lexus designed products display “Incisive Simplicity” yet at the same time, “Intriguing Elegance” They are modern and striking yet warm and humanized.