Long before oil was discovered in Kuwait in the 1930's we, the ALSAYER family, had established ourselves as leading merchants in foodstuffs, spanning the previous two decades. The discovery of oil, however,  brought about a new vision shared by our late Chairman Mr. Naser Al Sayer, his father Mohammad, and brother Bader. This would prompt the formation of ALSAYER Holding, and the beginning of a journey across Asia in pursuit of new opportunities. Thus, the first Toyota landed in Kuwait in 1955, marking the commencement of a new chapter in the history of not just ALSAYER, but of Kuwait itself.

Today, we have a diverse portfolio of businesses, products and services, with specialist teams dedicated to the cultivation and growth of every business we are involved in. We represent some of the best brands in the world, including market leaders in the automotive and heavy equipment supply industries. Our presence can be seen in every aspect of daily life with some of the largest market shares in nearly every industry in which we operate.

Not surprisingly, we are regarded as the most customer-centric company in the country, with the ability to offer every client a full and satisfactory solution in the ownership and maintenance of products.


Our rich history defines who we are.

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Visionary leadership that defines the way forward.

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Sustainable growth to the benefit of our businesses, our partners, our colleagues and the communities we serve.

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