Sustainable growth to the benefit of our businesses, our partners, our colleagues and the communities we serve.


At ALSAYER, “sustainable business” is a whole-system concept covering every dimension of our operations; from financial performance, social responsibility, worker and customer well-being, and care for the environment, all working hand-in-hand.

Our guide is the Sustainability Compass that we have adopted as our symbol, and serves as our organizing platform. East, South, West, and North are resented in the Compass as Economy, Society, Wellbeing, and Nature, with the integrated function of Management in the center.

We are also committed to engaging all employees in order to accomplish our goal of becoming a regional leader in sustainability.


Our commitment to environmental care is one of the things that helps us to stand out in the crowded Kuwaiti market. We don’t say it, our customer surveys do.

For years, we have promoted an ethic of environmental care in our facilities, with communications campaigns to promote waste reduction and recycling. At our service facilities, customers have often found a complimentary box of tissues in their car - with messages encouraging a more environmental awareness in everyday life. But we also realise that the aspirations of sustainability must aim higher than this.

Today, we have instituted a number new initiatives to make environmental care an integral part of the ALSAYER way of doing business. We are making concerted efforts to reduce our “carbon footprint,” so that as our business grows, we can start reducing our impact on nature, in ways that also help protect the health of our community and vitality of the Kuwaiti economy.


The wellbeing of everyone connected to our businesses, whether as customers or as employees, is of our utmost concern. We measure your satisfaction index, or happiness index as we choose to call it, carefully, and year on year, we have steadily improved our management processes and service offerings.


Customer satisfaction is, of course, central to our business. In 2011, only 41% of our business outlets had customer satisfaction index “CSI” of over 95%. In 2015, that number reached 93%, reflecting the impact of our steady work in this regard.




A major part of the improvement in customer satisfaction can, of course, be traced to our intensive efforts to improve the wellbeing of our employees.

First of all comes employee safety. We are constantly working to improve our safety routines and training. In recent years, we have also introduced new training and career development initiatives. Our employees now have a much clearer career ladder ahead of them, and they are supported in aiming for higher levels by new e-learning, classroom, and other training materials. The hours of training that we invest in each employee - covering everything from health and safety issues to computer and technical skills - has increased phenomenally in recent years.

We reward our employees through our recognition program, Best in Business. This much-anticipated annual event creates a strong incentive to strive for excellent performance.

To support ALSAYER Holding’s Code of Business Conduct, our HRD performs Integrity and Code of Conduct training for all employees. They attend training face-to-face and through e-learning. Our HRD has launched a new set of policies that take into account employee suggestions for improving the work environment, as well as promotion and pay level policies. A new “Employee Welfare” section within the HRD has been instituted, dedicated to measuring and monitoring employee engagement levels and other key performance indicators. We will continue to set higher targets and aim for greater levels in future years.

Since many of our employees are living in company accommodation, we have invested in facilities with new modern design and services to increase their level of comfort; including catering services, recreation areas with gymnasiums, money exchange counters to transfer money to home towns, Embassy visits, and clothes laundering space.


When we look outside of our business, we feel highly motivated to contribute to the Kuwaiti society around us, and to the world - both through our own actions, and by supporting and encouraging the actions of others.

Obviously, because of our commitment to honesty, trust, and personal integrity, we pay special attention to ensuring that our businesses are in full compliance with Kuwaiti law. We have zero tolerance for corruption in our business, and we have established both an internal audit function, and anonymous reporting mechanisms, to ensure that everyone who works with us adheres to this principle. 

We have also identified a need to develop a Code of Conduct for our suppliers. Many of our principals are known for their commitment to sustainable business, with high expectations of us; and we also believe it is time to begin “raising the bar” on CSR throughout our value chain.  

Community engagement has also been central to the ALSAYER way of doing business for many years. While we do not believe in speaking very much about all of our charitable engagements , we would like to highlight a few projects and programs that we believe reflect our commitment, with the hope that they might inspire others to service as well.

Click here to download ALSAYER Holding Sustainability Report 2020-2021