ALSAYER holds a ceremony to honor its distinguished sales team In the TOYOTA PINNACLE AWARDS program

28 Feb 2024

The Toyota Group Sales Division at Mohamed Naser Al Sayer & Sons Est. Co. recently held a ceremony to honor the distinguished members of the sales team within the TOYOTA PINNACLE AWARDS program for the year 2023. The ceremony was attended by Martin Aherne Senior Business Director, Theo Krueger General Manager Toyota Retail Sales, Savio Alvarez Deputy General Manager AlSayer Al Ostoul Fleet Sales, Kyle Stewart Deputy General Manager Certified Car Sales along with relatives of the honored employees.

The winners of the Gold Award, the Pearl Award and the Extra Mile Award from the new cars, fleet and certified divisions were honored by the Group’s management who presented the final evaluation results and distributed prizes to the winners during the ceremony held at Al Sayer Hall in Ardiya.

This awards program is a comprehensive evaluation of the sales process to recognize employees for exceptional performance in addition to being a motivational platform for the sales team to work together to achieve better results.

It is worth noting that the TOYOTA PINNACLE AWARDS program is inspired by the Japanese principle of Kaizen at Toyota, that focuses on continuous improvement.

Martin Aherne congratulated the excellent sales achievement and appreciated the support teams such as the Administration and Finance Department, for their outstanding efforts in 2023.

Speaking about Toyota Pinnacle Awards Theo Kruger said “We are pleased to see the positive results within the first edition of the TOYOTA PINNACLE AWARDS program. Starting next year, the program evaluation process will be expanded to include new departments from the Toyota sales group”.

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