Toyota Holds Ramadan Ghabqa to celebrate successful campaign with Kuwaiti Photographers

18 Apr 2023

Mohamed Naser Al Sayer & Sons EST Co. and Toyota team held Ramadan Ghabqa to celebrate the success of “Kuwait in Our Eyes", a successful campaign with Kuwaiti photographers. The event was attended by prominent team of Kuwaiti photographers Abdulaziz Al Sryea, Hamed Ashkanani. Abbas Fadel Al-Saleh, Mubarak Al-Qattan, Ali Al-Shammari, Mohammed Khalil Al-Shamali in the presence of Martine Aherne Senior Business Director, Theo Kruger General Manager, Bader Faisal Al Sayer Senior Marketing Manager from Toyota Group Sales along with Distinguished members from the press and media.

According to Bader Faisal Alsayer “Recently we witnessed successful and grand celebration of Kuwait National Days. From ALSAYER we also participated in this celebration with one of its kind initiatives – inviting young Kuwaitis – experts in the field of photography to capture their dream image of Kuwait featuring Toyota models.”


“I appreciate and congratulate you for an outstanding effort, we were really excited to see your breathtaking shots and finally the response to this campaign was a overwhelming. Truly we are honored to have partnered with you – and with your magic touch behind the lenses you have made your picture about Kuwait featuring a Toyota speak a thousand words” added Bader Faisal Alsayer.

Speaking during the occasion Bader Faisal Al Sayer also said “we are honored to be part of the recent National Days celebration through such one of its kind initiatives. Right from the inception of this idea, our objective was to give this campaign the best push so we capitalized on outdoor and social media. From a Marketing standpoint, we have noticed that results of this campaign is exceptional – our audience have shared their brilliant reviews specially as comments in social platforms”

Toyota Kuwait is committed to initiate further such activities in the future engaging with local community associating with talented youth as well as subject matter experts to commemorate milestones and special occasions.