Toyota Cultivates Strawberries and Cherry Tomatoes to Combat Climate Change

03 Sep 2023

Toyota continues to go beyond mobility in pursuit of a carbon-neutral future by addressing weather-related uncertainties and market fluctuations within the agriculture sector. At Toyota’s Kamigo Plant, which produces Crown and Lexus model engines, four strawberry varieties are being cultivated in experimental greenhouses. Similarly, the Myochi Plant is doing its part by raising cherry tomatoes.

Established in April 2022 with the help of farmers, these greenhouses are now thriving. Vehicle production and agriculture, two seemingly disparate practices, now go hand in hand thanks to the Toyota Production System (TPS). This economical approach, which produces up to 1.5 times the yield of a similarly sized operation, employs systematic cultivation methods to achieve high added value while reducing production costs.

This initiative’s success may also contribute to enhancing the future profitability of farmers, through their adoption of efficient agricultural systems and other forms of technical support provided by Toyota.

The strawberries and cherry tomatoes are now being served up to Toyota employees free of charge, a testament to the company’s interest in employing novel methods to achieve carbon neutrality across all its factories by 2035.