About us

At AlSayer Medical Company, we provide healthcare facilities for clients from various sectors, both private and public institutions and healthcare facilities in Kuwait, with cutting-edge and innovative pharmaceutical and medical technologies.

Our scope of activities addresses a wide range of offerings including:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical Equipment & Supplies
  • Dental Equipment & Supplies
  • Hospital & Patient Care

To have a significant role and to contribute to the development of the healthcare infrastructure in Kuwait and the region, thus, to become the preferred destination for healthcare service providers and professionals.

We strive to improve and transform people's lives by assisting healthcare service providers with the most advanced & reliable pharmaceuticals and medical technologies that ease pain, restore health, and cure illness.

To acknowledge the value of our employees by putting in place an employment plan that guarantees career advancement, security, and satisfaction in a job well done.

To gain profit that will help us fulfill our obligations, grow our business, and attain our goals.

To protect and care for our community.


Mr. Faisal Bader Al-Sayer

It has been a long and successful journey for our group in conducting business in Kuwait. This success was realized through the strong commitment to deliver the quality products supported by the exceptional customer service and sustainable relation with our principals.

This is a noteworthy time for our group, having recently celebrated the 60th anniversary of our group foundation and the beginning of new chapter in that history with the establishment of AlSayer Medical Company.

The AlSayer Medical Company is well placed to play a significant role in the improvement of the Kuwait healthcare system, with its focus on leveraging its success factors including the professional team, market and business expertise, the solid infrastructure, and most importantly the delivery of advanced pharmaceuticals and cutting-edge medical technologies and supplies.

We value our relationship with our principals and we provide them with the support needed to establish a market for their portfolios, launch their brand, and grow their business in Kuwait.

Our people are at the absolute heart of what we do. They are the cornerstone of our business, and their knowledge and imagination are behind the amazing things we do and deliver with passion and care to ensure a high level of customer retention and satisfaction.

Looking to the future, we will continue to grow and strengthen our business through addressing the unmet needs of healthcare community, widening our network of relations with multinationals, and investing in the development of our people.

General Manager's Message

Dr. Hossam Afify

Welcome to the AlSayer Medical Company Website.

Our company’s primary objective is to provide  healthcare facilities and professionals with the most innovative pharmaceuticals and medical technologies.

This is well executed through a set of departments covering the different pharmaceutical and medical technology markets, a sales team of well-experienced professionals with well-developed industry relations, solid backbone infrastructure including administration, regulatory affairs, tendering, logistics, warehousing, finance, HR, marketing and business analysis, and through maintaining strong ties with most renowned principals.

As the healthcare industry is experiencing a major development, the government is implementing initiatives to modernize and improve the healthcare infrastructure, and the private sector is increasing its participation in the delivery of health care, our business model has enabled us to successfully position ourselves competitively to respond to these plans and the notable growth in the healthcare industry.

The group achievement of International Standard ISO Certification is mirrored in the operations of the medical company, and this reflects our commitment to achieving high standards in all aspects of our medical business (quality products, services offered and customer satisfaction).

We take professionalism and business ethics standards very seriously in our daily interaction with customers and principals. Therefore, every team member receives training on these standards, and they are implemented strictly and companywide.

The AlSayer Medical Company is a place where people are proud to work, with which suppliers want to establish sustainable business relation, and customers want to deal with constantly. It is a company that operates with trust and excellence.



Mr. Faisal Bader Al-Sayer

Vice Chairman

Mr. Musaed Bader Al-Sayer

Executive Vice Chairman

Mr. Sayer Bader Al-Sayer

C.E.O - Executive Board Member

Mr. Mubarak Naser Al-Sayer

Executive Board Member

Mr. Mohamed Naser Al-Sayer

Board Member

Ms. Khaleda Naser Al-Sayer


C.E.O - Executive Board Member

Mr. Mubarak Naser Al-Sayer


Mr. Bengt Kurt Schultz

General Manager

Dr. Hossam Afify