Relieve stress when driving at night . The headlights were redesigned to match new exterior. Multi-reflector design was adopted to achieve high nighttime visibility.

Combination Meter

A new high visibility display is adopted . The layout of the driver information display was rearranged based on ergonomics. A liquid crystal display and warning light area provide high visibility.

Bumper & Reinforcement

Resin bumper . Adopting bumper reinforcement inside the resin bumper ensures the same rigidity as metal bumper.

Seatbelt with ELR (Emergency Locking Retractor)

New feature: Three-point seatbelt holding the body securely. ELR helps to hold passengers by locking the belt at collision. On the other hand, the feeling of tightness while wearing the seatbelt under normal conditions is reduced with adding an anchor attached to the seat. Moreover, a new seatbelt winding device is adopted, which contributes to keeping an appropriate fastening position regardless of the seat position.

Cab Suspension

Riding comfort is improved . A semi-float (rubber type) construction was adopted for the cab mount and mounting bushes were added. Road vibrations are reduced, providing better ride comfort and reducing cabin noise.