High performance mechanical pump and common rail . Reliable mechanical pump is adopted in some specifications. On the other hand, new common rail is adopted in other specifications, which contribute to maintain optimal power and high fuel economy performance under any driving conditions.


Newly developed wide-ratio transmission that contributes to reduction of transportation costs . The newly developed 6-speed transmission (MX06) contributes to less fuel consumption and transportation costs. As for the 9-speed transmission (M009), its performance in acceleration and hill climbing at low speed range has been improved.

Full Air-Brake System

Full air-brake system reduces running costs . The adoption of the full-air brake system improves braking responsiveness and performance. In addition, no brake fluid is required, which improves serviceability and reduces running costs.

Transmission PTO

Allows to build large-capacity bodies . The increase PTO capacity contributes to building large-capacity. Due to the simple structure, the reliability is improves.

Rear Suspension

Provide both driving stability and customizability at the same time . Rear dual drive axle/trunnion type suspension vehicles . The suspension is high effective in driving on uneven dirt or under heavily-loaded condition. 
Rear single drive axle vehicle 
Ride comfort, durability and vehicle stability are enhanced by a larger spring design. By changing the chassis tread, wider tires can be mounted.