Enhanced transport quality to meet Customer Needs

What can we do so that fragile merchandise maintains its quality during transport ? The HINO 700 series is loaded with a broad range of technologies designed to enhance “transport quality”- technologies that have been developed with the success of our customer’s business in mind. The suspensions on these trucks help absorb vibrations from road bumps that can be a major cause of cargo collapse and damage with flexibility, good rigidity and durability. As needs for high-quality transport are increasing in modern logistics, the HINO 700 series aims to deliverd good transport quality that our customers can have confidence in.

Duel Fuel Tank

Large fuel tanks for long hauls

Taper-leaf suspension

With fewer leaves, the taper-leaf suspension is designed with the aim of producing less interleaf friction and delivering a flat riding feel. With few high-strength components, the suspension also delivers high durability.

Their body-building capability is the result of our pursuit of customizability

Our aim is to design trucks that are suitable for diverse range of individual customer needs around the world. One area where this concept that we have set for the HINO 700 series is clearly evident is its flexible bodybuilding. Because components and units such as suspensions, axles, brakes and fuel tanks have been modularized, they can be put together in different combinations to create chassis layouts that match different bodybuilding configurations. What will you carry ? What kind of body do you plan to build to carry it in ? The HINO 700 series is designed to have the flexibility to accommodate these needs and evolve into a truck suitable for your business.