AlSayer holds the Second ‘Read & Save Lives’ book reading marathon at Thatalsalasil Bookstore.

03 Sep 2019

The campaign achieved the second highest number of pages read among reading marathons in Kuwait

Inspired by values of social commitment, Al Sayer Holding held the 2nd book reading marathon in association with Patients Helping Fund Society and Thatalsalasil Bookstore. The “Read & Save Lives” 2nd reading marathon campaign connected people and community towards reading books, and moreover to express their empathy through supporting patients suffering with chronic kidney disease who are undergoing dialysis.

For every 10 pages read by the participants Al Sayer Holding donated 1 Kuwait Dinar to offer a financial support to deserving patients for managing its high cost. Meanwhile Thatalsalasil Bookstore facilitated the place, the event which was held previous Saturday between 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM witnessed (1131) participants who collectively read (19,148) pages.

Many authors and influential figures from the Kuwait society joined to support this noble cause including the honorary media entrepreneur Mr. Mohammed Al-Sadani, the trainer / Hessa Al-Hashash, the authors / Dhari Al-Enzi, Ibtisam Al-Oumi, Reem Al-Maia, Mohammed Al-Bughaili and Hmuod Al-Shayji, and Mr. Saleh Al-Ghazi is the Publishing Manager at Thatalsalasil Bookstore, and many prestigious figures in Kuwaiti society.

According to Nehad Al-Haj Ali, Deputy Group Manager, Corporate Excellence, ALSAYER Holding “The positive spirit among the community is overwhelming. Such marathon is part of our sustainable efforts to develop reading and educational habits, at the same time to bring community to act towards critical issues that require their attention and moral support. At Al Sayer we are keen to associate with the like-minded partners to develop & execute effective social care”.

Hiba AL Mansour Business Development Manager of Aafaq Bookstore mentioned “We are glad to work on this program for key benefits, encouraging people to dedicate time out of their busy schedule to read, support the society and spread the culture of love the welfare and support the needy. The initiative is also an attempt to recapture the reading habits specially among youth, towards building an intellectual community with competitive skills.”

“We saw people from various age and gender category visiting on their weekends to support other fellow human beings. Such empathy shows the great culture and community bond Kuwait promotes. We are delighted with the support of the Kuwaiti community and everyone involved in this event.”