10 Oct 2019

ALSAYER Group Corporate Excellence received the 1st Runner up award at the 12th Cycle of Arabia Corporate Social Responsibility Awards in Large Business Category

The awarding ceremony took place recently in Dubai was attended by Mr. Hamad Musaed Al-Sayer CEO AlSayer Franchising Co. and Vice Chairman of ALSAYER Sustainability committee and Eng. Nehad Al-Haj Ali, Deputy Group Manager Corporate Excellence at AlSayer Holding.

According to Mr. Hamad Musaed Al-Sayer “We were honored by winning this remarkable award out of 22 Large Business Category companies. The sustainability vision of ALSAYER Holding is to remain a leading sustainability group of the companies providing prosperity for future generations across multiple industries and its vision is to use the pioneering spirit and talented expertise of its employees to constantly deliver sustainable growth through superior customer service, quality & commitment”.


Arabia CSR Award 2019 - Journey Towards Excellence

“In its 12th Cycle, The Arabia CSR Awards has driven 116 organizations from different parts of the Arab Region, to demonstrate the level of maturity that would reflect their commitment, inclusiveness and the quest for continuous improvement. These organizations have described their journey towards excellence with corporate responsibility being main propeller. Out of them, 28 organizations have convincingly distinguished themselves as true champions and exemplars of sustainability. We congratulate each organization that joined the Arabia CSR Award in 2019. You all do us proud and prove beyond a doubt that responsible business is the growing norm in our Region” said Mrs. Habiba Al Mar’ashi, President & CEO, Arabia CSR Network.


Eng. Nehad Al-Haj Ali said “the principles we set out guide us towards our goals of reducing carbon emissions, decreasing consumption of water and energy, increasing recycling, reducing our workplace injury rate. ALSAYER Holding is proud to be working towards meeting the goals of the 10 principles of UN Global Compact on Human Rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption.”

Compliance with International Benchmark

ALSAYER has aligned its goals to several of the 17 United Nations Sustainability Development Goals particularly (1,4,8,9,12 & 17) based on the decisions of Top Management and Sustainability Steering Committee and taking baseline data for (2016-2017) and 2018 targets.

The company has also set clear targets for its environmental performance (e.g., emissions, recycling) since the past 3 years and for the next 3 years, with clear delegation of responsibility creating a cycle of development of innovative products, technology and services while contributing to the local community an society at large, but minimal environmental impact through its “Do More with Less” and “Support Innovative Ideas’ initiatives.”

“We remain committed to reporting on our progress and invite stakeholders to partner with us to make a positive impact going forward” added Eng. Nehad.