ALSAYER International was set up in line with the Group’s strategic vision to expand its reach beyond the shores of Kuwait and the region. This has led us into other countries. In India, we have formed a joint venture with Force Motors, one of the largest vehicle manufacturers, producing upto 300,000 vehicles per annum, with the view of creating the most affordable armoured vehicle in the market.

The partnership has produced outstanding results with the Force Armoured Vehicles being certified by ballistic labs in Germany. With the same ballistic integrity any other armoured vehicle on the road today at half the price, Force is on course to revolutionize the armoured vehicle market.


Established in 2005, Tristar has emerged as one of the leading names in Northern Iraq offering a wide range of solutions in automotive, transportation, construction equipment and real estate development.

At ALSAYER Holding, we have developed strong ties with the ruling government in the region and are constantly exploring new avenues in which to enhance not only our business, but also improve the facilities and services offered to the residents of the area.


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