ALSAYER Committed to “Green Facility” Strategy

23 Jul 2020

As part of Group’s strategic focus on environment friendly and energy efficient business practices, Mohamed Naser Al Sayer & Sons is continuing to invest in clean and renewable energy technology.

Green Building Specifications:

Renewable and Eco-friendly measures adopted by the Group for Toyota Sales, Service and Parts operations include:

  • Light-colored Fire-rated Aluminum panels for the external walls,
  • Solar power comprised of the best components and advanced technology,
  • high-performance large glass facades for natural day light,
  • efficient heat insulation for the external walls and the upper roofs for effective air conditioning system,
  • latest LED light fittings,
  • photocell water mixers.

which are available at first automotive center at Aswaq Al-Qurain, Toyota showrooms at Al-Jahra, Mega Toyota Delivery Center at Ardiya, recently opened multi-level Service Center at Fahaheel as well as at Parts Distribution Center at Subhan. 

Optimize Power Consumption

ALSAYER has Installed solar power (PV Panels) on grid system in the following locations:



New car showroom At Jahra

100 KW

New Car Showroom at Aswaq Al Qurain

100 KW

Toyota Service Center at Fahaheel

100 KW

To further enhance Mega Delivery Center, multi-level solar panel installation with a capacity of 1000 KW, is in progress which provides safe roof parking for up to 250 cars.



The total electrical load that is generated daily from all the locations is 6500 kilowatt per hour and the annual energy yield is 2445 megawatt per hour.


Environment friendly measures in the building at Ardiya features a two-tunnel automated car wash technology from Germany which incorporates water recycling (designed and built locally) reverse osmosis system reducing out environmental impact. With this technology upto 80% of the water used is recycled and reused.  

State-of-the-art Toyota’s Fahaheel Service Center also features advanced energy efficient equipment such as:

  • Steam wash machines for better washing quality with minimum water consumption, estimated efficiency of 50 liters of water to wash 50 cars,
  • Aqua vehicle lifters - water and air powered vehicle lifters, with zero electricity consumption,
  • Oil water separator for safe discharge of wastewater
  • Concealed garage furniture design ensuring safety of both customers and staff.


Toyota Parts Division recently changed to maintenance free batteries which does not require filling of battery acid before dispatch to the branches. This initiative enhances safety, air quality and overall internal environment of the warehouse.