ALSAYER Promotes Safe Winter Off Roading in Association with Kuwait Support and Rescue Team

30 Dec 2020

To protect people and vehicles especially during off roading in the rainy and winter season, ALSAYER Holding in cooperation with the Kuwait Support and Rescue Team, lead a project as part of its social responsibility to create awareness message to alert drivers when driving through desert, muddy roads and waterlogs closer to lakes and seaside.

A video was prepared to explain helpful tips for the drivers covering different scenarios such as: if car is trapped in mud, how to deal with off-road obstacles as well as emergency helpline numbers for rescue. The volunteering efforts of expert and specialized team such as the Kuwait Support and Rescue Team is always found helpful in such difficult situation.

The Secretary of the Kuwait Support and Rescue Team, Abdul-Wahab Malik Al-Jaafar added “the team's work is not limited to pulling vehicles stuck in the desert, as one of the responsible volunteering group we perform highly skilled tasks like searching for the missing people in deep desert or sea, assist elderly, special need community and families in any event of road breakdowns. We extend our expertise and people to assist the Security Agencies, Ambulance, Firefighting, and Civil Defense in any specific tasks related to peoples and vehicles safety. During Covid-19 pandemic we played significant role as a volunteering group to support the Ministry of Health to sterilize government institutions and extend services for the incoming travelers.”

Nehad Al Haj Ali – Group Manager of Corporate Excellence at ALSAYER Holding commented “it is very important for us to create awareness and share precautious measures to be taken during such seasons to help our community to drive safely, securely and have peace of time. From ALSAYER we are keen to supporter volunteering groups who support and preserve the safety and wellbeing of the people in Kuwait.”