Honoring Top Contestants of the ‘Lose Weight, Gain Health’ Campaign ALSAYER Promotes Healthy Lifestyle to Fight Against Obesity Risks

12 Oct 2021

Part of its Social Responsibility to create awareness on following healthy lifestyle through systematic weight reduce challenge and nutritionist classes, ALSAYER partnered with the Patients Helping Fund and the Nutrition Department in the Ministry of Health to organize the closing ceremony of the “Lose Weight Gain Health campaign, which was launched five months ago.

The event was attended by key delegates from partners to honor the winners and active participants who involved with great passion and efforts to combat excessive BMI level. More than 360 participants engaged in eight different activities to develop best individual eating habits, reduce their calories, improve physical fitness workouts to reshape themselves for a positive physical and morale change. During the ceremony 42 individuals were honored for their constant improvement to follow a healthy lifestyle and dietary programs as suggested by the Nutritional experts at the Ministry of Health.

In the keynote speech Hamad Al Sayer CEO Al Sayer Franchising Co and Vice-Chairman of the Sustainability Steering Committee at Al Sayer Holding Group mentioned “Such campaigns are extremely important to encourage individuals to make realistic lifestyle changes that will help them maintain a healthy lifestyle. Being obese causes many health risks and demoralize a person’s attitude towards positive life. We are glad to intensify such efforts along with volunteering and Government entities who is relentlessly contributing to bring positive changes in society”

“Over a period, rapid urbanization and digitization has decreased our level of physical activities, and we are fascinated with unhealthy eating habits to develop overweight. Additionally, Covid-19 pandemic made our community more inactive and deprived, so it was very apt to initiate this campaign to recall all of us to live a healthy life and fight against obesity to prevent chronic diseases” added Hamad Al Sayer.

Dr. Mohammed Al Sharhan – Chairman of Patience Helping Fund commented “Reducing weight leads to an improvement in the health and psychological status of the individual. Maintaining most suitable individual BMI level is key to healthy living. Many people do not realize they fall into the overweight category and are putting their health at risk. Being overweight or obese increases the risk of developing heart disease, hypertension, diabetes. So, we appreciate all participants who challenged their irregular lifestyle, unhealthy eating behavior and succeeded in losing weight”.

Dr. Sana Al-Majed Head of Nutrition Department at Ministry of Health explained “adherence to proper nutritional behavior ensures enjoyment of health and wellness. Everyone has their own characteristic and will power to regain a healthy living. This campaign helped our nutritionist to reach to a group of people who is ready to compete against oneself and accepted all hardship to become a better version of him or herself. That’s why this is not a weight loss challenge. This was a mind and body transformation challenge”.

ALSAYER is keen to accelerate its involvement for an impact, through collaborative partnerships to become more proactive to social concerns, generate sustainable development, and advocate for the transformation towards inclusive community.