ALSAYER Sports Team Race In Beinspired Obstacle Run

30 Dec 2021

Beinspired Obstacle Run witnessed a large group of energetic participants who challenged their limit to compete for multiple hurdles on the soft sand of the horse racing track surrounding the beautiful Golf Course in Murouj’s promenade. ALSAYER Volunteers & Sports team joined BeInspired Obstacle Run to endure their active and healthy lifestyle. AlSayer employees joined the event with great enthusiasm and energy to run a 5 KM obstacle run reflecting teamwork to perform their best.

ALSAYER uphold its commitment to engage with employees in activities that promote health and wellbeing. Sports events re-energise the teams to practice healthy competition. Beyond this we understand such initiatives to motivate and unite our staff. They tend to set goals, and gradually try to achieve them; be it fitness, or to build a positive and productive attitude in work and personal life.

In addition to this AlSayer regularly connects the employees, volunteers and community through awareness campaigns, social investment, or sponsorship events. Our volunteering group “ALSAYER Always with You” extend their support to multi-initiatives such as:

  • Humanitarian efforts include distributing food kits, refugee awareness, blood donation drives
  • My Mai Project for safe drinking water
  • Environmental protection
  • Road safety awareness
  • Encouraging youth to be innovative to better utilize digital platforms

Our volunteers bring the spirit of togetherness by extending their presence, time, and expertise to sharpen our initiatives and improved further.