Tomorrow’s technology for today’s environment

HINO has strived to solve this problem early on in order to develop a variety of low-emission, fuel-efficient technologies ahead the rest of the world. HINO’s technologies for them – which derives from HINO’s passion for R&D – has been inherited by the HINO 700 series as well. For example, the engine adopts a “common rail fuel injection system”- a cooperative engine control system – with the aim of achieving appropriate control of the fuel injection process resulting in low NOx and PM emissions as well as good fuel efficiency and low CO2 emissions. We believe its potential, which HINO is proud to present to the world, will bring good economic efficiency and a sense of awe to your business operations.

Four Multiple Valves

“Four multiple valves” improve the fuel efficiency by reducing intake and exhaust resistance and securing enough air volume to meet the high output needs.

Aerodynamic tests using a 1/1 scale (full-scale) model

The HINO 700 Series’ styling, one of the keys to achieving good fuel efficiency, has been aerodynamic developed. All edges of the cab are rounded, and the number of gaps and uneven surfaces has been minimized to reduce air resistance.