The driver’s space is packed with various ideas.

For the interior environment of the HINO 700 series, we pursue comfort to reduce driver fatigue. The interior is loaded with a variety of ideas for delivering comfort; for example, switches have been laid our near the driver and its windshield has been designed to provide a wide field of vision. In addition to enhancing visibility and operability, the interior of the cab is colored gray and black to give it a premium feel. The 700 series driving environment is designed with the aim of delivering a level of comfort and security that gently envelops the driver. We believe this is another area where we can have great confidence in the HINO 700 series.

Bed Space

We offer a variety of types of cab that are designed to provide a restful environment including a bunk bed in high-roof trucks that comes with a lower bed with a depth of up to 800 mm, as well as cabs with convertible bed or flat seat bed.

Instrument Panel

The meters faces are lit with LED to help ensure good visibility and long operating lifetimes.