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Since the 90s, AlSayer Group Holding established an insurance department. However, AlSayer Insurance Brokerage Co. Commission, was established officially & issued a broker’s license in 2007. Furthermore, during this period, Al-Sayer Insurance Brokerage Co. Commission, was acting & performing as a skilled insurance adviser that always acts on the client’s behalf, assessing a situation, offering comprehensive advice and implementing best solutions. In addition, we are constantly in the marketplace looking for great deals for our clients. Moreover, we stand 100% behind every policy and product. After two decades in the business, AlSayer Insurance Brokerage Co. Commission, is confident that our team can fulfil the customers’ requirement for excellent risk coverage.


Work on making ALSAYER INSURANCE the most desired insurance in Kuwait.


To achieve our vision, our plan in being number one in the market in terms of customer satisfaction.