20 Sep 2018

“Customer Service Excellence program is a platform where Toyota Motor Corporation confirms that the distributor activities are aligned with their goal of “always better cars” and “always better service”


Faisal Bader Al Sayer

In recognition of the Group’s Service and Spare Parts team commitment towards customer care, Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) has bestowed Mohamed Naser Al Sayer and Sons (MNSS) a subsidiary of ALSAYER Holding with Outstanding Customer Service Award as part of their Customer Service Excellence Program (CSEA).
Winning the Outstanding Customer Service Award for 2017 marked Group’s achievement for the 10th consecutive year and qualified MNSS to receive the decade award. Only six countries have won this coveted award including Canada, Thailand, Taiwan and Hong Kong year in 2016, Kuwait and Brunei for the year 2017.
With the aim of providing always better service, to become the most admired dealer in town, distributors across the globe are continuously implementing various activities which are being evaluated through the CSEA program by TMC. The award program expresses the appreciation for distributors’ outstanding activities to enhance overall customer service competency.
The awards ceremony and the celebration event held at ALSAYER Ballroom Ardiya, was attended by delegation from Toyota Motor Corporation Makoto Takahashi Executive General Manger, Hidekuni Yahara Group Manager, Yoshiyuki Koike General Manager Bahrain Representative Office, ALSAYER Holding Board of Directors Faisal Bader Al Sayer Chairman, Mubarak Naser Al Sayer CEO, Mohamed Naser Al Sayer Board Member, Bengt Schultz COO, Ibrahim Al Fouzan Business Director Toyota Group Service Division, Mahmoud Abou Zahr Business Director Lexus, Desmond Lew Business Director Parts, Accessories and Group Logistics along with employees from Toyota Group Service and Parts and Lexus.
Delivering the key note address Faisal Bader Al Sayer said, “The award reflects our primary goal of delivering the best customer care in the industry to all our valued customers. In the past, we have focused on providing a superb service in all that we do; we must keep doing this with even more emphasis on Customer Care which is, and always needs to be, our major point of differentiation.”
During the awards ceremony Makoto Takahashi Executive General Manger handed over Outstanding Customer Service Award and Decade of Excellence plaque to Chairman Faisal Bader Al Sayer and Board of Directors accompanied by Ibrahim Al Fouzan Business Director Toyota Group Service Division, Mahmoud Abou Zahr Business Director Lexus Division and Desmond Lew Business Director Group Parts Division.
According to Mubarak Naser Al Sayer said “On this occasion I extend our sincere gratitude to Toyota Motor Corporation for their valuable support to MNSS over the past six decades. This award represents our excellent performance in customer service. This wonderful result could not have been realized by the warm and continued patronage of our valued customers, efficient leadership as well as strong and consistent team work towards building a true culture of customer care.”
“I thank TMC and our Top management for extending their great support to provide best customer service. I also thank each employee for their commitment and hard work that has always been a key factor for our excellent customer service and achievement of this great award” said Ibrahim Al Fouzan.
Desmond Lew commented “ALSAYER is always passionate to deliver outstanding customer service, treating employees and customers like family. It has been the unwavering contribution of Parts along with the Service team that has led to this milestone”.
ALSAYER’s Mission Statement calls for us to be the “Best in the Business” across several dimensions. When the Company was originally set up in 1954, the Mission Statement was that it would only sell the best products from around the world and support them with outstanding service.  Whilst the Mission Statement words have changed over time, the philosophy remains the same as it was 64 years ago.
“We will continue to drive innovative solutions to further strengthen Toyota and Lexus after sales operations at the same time raise the bar even higher in terms of benchmark customer care practices” added Bengt Schultz.

For the Group innovative customer service solutions is about finding new ways of pleasing customers, going forward each year is an opportunity building on previous years of achievements in outstanding customer service.