ALSAYER celebrates ‘Universal Children’s Day’ to spread awareness and fun activities at Kids Festival

19 Nov 2019

To complement it ALSAYER supported 4th Kids Festival at Platinum level for three days at Avenues, to promote various CSR initiatives which initiates children’s educational development, artistic and extracurricular skills, awareness on innovative technologies, and be alert on road safety and healthy environments in presence of Embassy of Japan, and other selective partners.

The event was attended by Embassy of Japan representatives - Shimmura Izuru Minster-Counsellor Deputy Chief of Mission and Sotaro Sasaki – Second Secretary, Delegates from Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Health and Social Development Office of the HH the Prime Minister, ALSAYER Holding representatives - Nehad AlHaj Ali - DGM Corporate Excellence, Shibu Mohamed - CSR Manager.

Embassy of Japan supported to introduce Japanese culture to the children, and they interacted with them by sharing Origami paper art techniques to develop eye, hand coordination and attention skills. Also demonstrated Japanese calligraphy writing and helped visitors get their names written in Japanese. Japanese culture & lifestyle-based coloring program and Japanese hand & mind coordinating games were well enjoyed by the kids & families.

ALSAYER and the partners focused on the development and happiness of children’s through various activities including;

Promote 14th Toyota Dream Car Art Contest 2020 – to encourage children to dream and be creative by drawing their innovative dream cars. Build artistic skills.

Create awareness of Road Safety to the children, on the importance of wearing seat belts.

Generate interest in STEAM Technology through Kuwait Robot Challenge (KUBOT) on 9th Nov, for the high school grade students.

Kashcool to promote digital learning from KG to High school grade students. They interacted with children and parents on the importance of learning and distributed free Kashcool digital learning subscription coupons for an easy learning.

KUBOT Team to interact and generate interest in robotics and Artificial Intelligence. Displayed robots, engaged with children through simulation games and radar system demo.

A dietitian from Lina’s & Dina’s joined to interact with the children and families to run a quiz game and create awareness on healthy & nutritious foods.

Kids enjoyed the time with ALSAYER team through interactive awareness sessions to gain knowledge and had fun through various exciting games, compliments and gifts, including preloaded Magic Planet game cards.

Government Departments, Private Sector companies, Non-Profit Organizations participated in the event, which attracted schools, NGO’s, children, families and general public to attend this program. Approximate 9,000+ walk-ins were experienced for three days at the event, and ALSAYER wishes all success to the young emerging talents.