ALSAYER Holds Reading Awareness Campaign Bringing Kids Closer to Books Amid Lock Down

01 Sep 2020

To develop a social and emotional learning skills which are critical to child’s development through reading books, ALSAYER Holding in association with Aafaq Bookstore organized series of social media campaigns in August to increase awareness among the society mainly children and parents.  Increasing awareness is considered as one of the most important pillars of community development.

“Our aim is to encourage parents and other family members to influence children to start selecting books of their interest. And gradually create an emotional bond between books and children to make reading is part of their daily routine. And we look forward to seeing our community is positively impacted through this campaign” commented Nehad Al Haj Ali, Group Manager Corporate Excellence at ALSAYER Holding.

These series started during Eid Al Adha holidays, with a video presented by Ms. Dana Al-Khabbaz, narrating about the fifth pillar of Islam – Pilgrimage (Hajj). She introduced the book to let the children understand the importance of the Hajj, its history, its rituals, and reflecting the Hajj message to entire community about sacrifice, love, and equality, also to show how caring Almighty Allah towards humankind.

Following video message from Ms. Dana Al-Khabbaz, told an exciting and fun-filled story for the kids about “Toys & Games Escape at Night”. As most of the kids are actively connected to the digital screens these days, which are huge part of their daily routine, there is a need to channel the attention of these young minds towards reading books. Such curious and amusing stories will engage children to develop an interest towards creative imaginations and a sense of facing challenges in their life.

Another video showcases a book with collection of most important messages to the youth named “Today’s Message” by the author Ms. Manayer Al-Awwad. In this video she addresses one passage from the book about ‘Generosity. An important morale to inculcate in children’s life at a young age, to root a deep concept of humanity. To follow a noble act of genuinely feel the practical needs of poor and needy, which is not limited to food, clothing, shelter or money; where we help and support them in terms of empathy, compassion and friendship, as much as possible in order to have an integrated community.

Fourth and final video focused on the importance of wearing seat belts as well as to advise kids to avoid being restless in a moving car to ensure safety as both factors could cause serious injuries in case of an accident. ALSAYER also utilized these videos to educate crucial precautionary measures which members in the family can follow while adapting to the new normal after COVID-19 pandemic.

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