ALSAYER Supports Ramadan Aman campaign for safer Kuwait Roads

19 May 2019

Volunteers to serve meals to motorists to ease iftar rush and convey need for responsible driving.

For the 2nd consecutive year ALSAYER Holding is supporting "Ramadan Aman" campaign at Diamond level with “Nahtam” Volunteer team (Kuwait Voluntary Work Center) and the Ministry of Interior.

Our continuous CSR efforts is to bring Safe Ramadan, aimed to reduce the speeding and careless driving on the road; a potential cause of traffic accidents by the motorists during the hours of breaking fast.

The opening ceremony attended by Eng. Ibrahim Alfouzan and Eng. Nehad Alhaj Ali to show the attention and responsibility towards safe Ramadan.

The campaign encourage individual, corporate, NGO, schools, and university volunteers to participate to develop the culture of social engagement and the values of Ramadan, a month of compassion and caring .

The initiative will have multiple meal distribution points set up at various inter-junctions and traffic signals of Kuwait roads to serve the road users with iftar box contains dates, small water bottle, and quick refreshments as light iftar meal to slow down motorists’ racing wheels before maghrib prayers.

Ramadan Aman volunteers work in collaboration with the police department and other official delegates to ensure the safety of volunteering participants during the program, and to deliver a clear message to the motorists to drop the speed and be careful to slash the number of accidents that occur during the traditional iftar rush, when motorists pack the roads on their way back to desired locations.

ALSAYER Corporate Sustainability & Responsibility has an integrated strategy in place to keep accelerating the positive impact of our business on society, limit the adverse impacts, and perform all our activities in a responsible manner. We aim for long-term community investment that ensures tangible values to all stakeholders by performing social initiatives that enrich human values and Kuwait community, promote collective volunteering which is a sustainable development platform by ALSAYER Holding for long term benefits.