Multi-part bumper

By using multi-part bumper structure, replacement works become easier and replacement cost is reduced.

Cab Tilt

Makes everyday maintenance simpler . A mechanism is adopted to assist with cab tilting, lifting force to tilt the cap is minimized.

Oil Level Gauge

Easier inspection of engine oil. The engine oil can be inspected easily without tilting the cab.

Frame & Crossmembers

Strong and durable web frame . High-tensile steel side rails and crossmembers are secured without rivets. This construction is not only strong and durable, but also takes body mounting ability into consideration. Body mounting ability is improved since no spacers are necessary between the frame and accessories.

Platform Layout

Supporting various body mounting . The layout of accessories is concentrated at the front of the chassis, providing flexibility for body upfitting. The design provides plenty of space ahead of the rear of the axels for additional installation.