A Journey across more than 40 Years


Greatness, they say, often comes from small beginnings. Our own humble start as a tiny backroom operation in the Kuwait Sheraton Hotel in 1970’s soon saw us hit the top gear and accelerate to becoming one of the biggest names in car rental and leasing for more than 40 years in Kuwait.

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The key to big smiles


Being committed to place a smile on our customers’ faces. Whether it is for a single unit or hundreds of units, it has become our habit to convert the highest level of satisfaction into customer delight by exceeding customer expectation. We maintain a Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) that is recorded and monitored through Internal and External independent surveys.

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Renting Reliability


With our Toyota vehicles, we provide the most reliable product in the automotive industry; from small sedans, to medium class vehicles, right through to the toughest 4X4 Land Cruisers. With Lexus, we provide a full range of luxury, meaning we provide all options to meet our customers’ requirements.

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We undertake special promotions for different segments in Kuwait society, with a sense of social commitment. We offer tailor-made car rental solutions according to the requirement of each individual, organization or company.

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Over the years, we have had great opportunities to serve international clients such as the American Army, DynCorp., ITT, CSA (Combat Support Associates) British Aerospace, etc. and we have been presented with various awards and certificates in recognition of our vehicle hire services.

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Powered by Excellent Values


We owe our premier position in the market to a set of intrinsic values built into our business. In fact, we believe it is our responsibility and challenge to maintain our leadership and therefore all the more important that we continue to be powered by those excellent values, which include

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Steering Our Way to Customer's hearts


‘No compromise in Quality’ is our philosophy. We carry out maintenance and service as per Toyota Global Standards with our Toyota trained professional employees and always use original and genuine spare parts and accessories provided by the manufacturer. This makes us unique in the market in terms of providing preventive maintenance and professional periodical maintenance for our rental vehicles.

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Contact us for a Memorable Driving Experience

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